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Affirmation Power Is Our New Book



Hi Gavin & Ingrid  here,

And our new book is out, it’s called….


My beautiful wife Ingrid, and I have been writing it for the past year. You can now get it on Amazon Kindle, with free reader Apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

(Yes, I thought you could only read Kindle Publications on Kindle Readers too!)

We wrote it for you if you are stuck on The Secret.

If you believe in The Law Of Attraction, and you’ve read the book, listened to the mp3s, and seen the movie…our book is for you. Maybe you are still waiting for the good luck and prosperity to start flowing?

Don’t give up..we think we have found the secret behind The Secret.

The are twenty chapters, with every tool that we can offer to propel your success. If you click on the BLUE link below, you can get the list of contents and first chapter free.

Please play the YouTube video and the blue link just below this takes you straight to kindle

where you can get the first chapter free



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