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Information Publishing Presentation

Information Publishing Presentation

Gavin & Ingrid McCoy Information Publishing Presentation

Gavin and Ingrid McCoy Information Publishing Presentation

 Information Publishing Presentation


Hi it’s Gavin & Ingy,

Thank you for coming to visit this page.

Here as promised,  are our Affordable Information Marketing Presentation Workshop PowerPoint slides.

If you do not have Micro Soft PowerPoint on your computer ( It is normally part of Office), you can download a free Powerpoint viewer here


Here is our PowerPoint Presentation.


Just click to download. Save it to your desktop. When the download is complete, click on the file icon to play.

You can advance to the next slide by pressing your spacebar at your own speed. The keyboard PAGE UP, or PAGEDOWN keys send you backwards or forwards, slide by slide.

Here are the sheets to help you find a hungry niche.

My unfulfilled ambition is


To help you in your own project, here is a copy of our  making ebooks manual promised at our Information Marketing Presentation

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Own e-book

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Kindest regards,

Gavin & Ingrid

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PPS. Our Information Publishing Presentation shows how we gave up our day jobs and started our own business.

We discovered a niche, that had tons of searches on Google.

We wrote an information product, based on our own experience and tons of information available in different places on the internet.

We bought a domain name and hosting.

We built a simple WordPress website sales page.

Then we installed a payment and delivery system.

Our product sells around the world.