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Mailing List Auto-responder Mastery Builds Business Loyal Customers

Mailing List autoresponder mastery is absolutely necessary for any business today. Take our course and get the edge over your competitors.


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 Setting your First Mailing List with Aweber, Because Mailing List Autoresponder Mastery Builds Business Loyal Customers


You’ve decided to run an online business. You realize that one of the most important steps you’ll ever take is building your list.  That means attracting visitors, then encouraging them to give permission to provide you with access to their contact details in order to receive email from you. Such as, newsletters, updates, short emails, courses, niche-specific tips, affiliate offers — and that first original offer you’re ready to present!


In order to do any and all of the above, you’ll need an Autoresponder.


In this first guide I’ll show you how a good Autoresponder works, How to set up Aweber, the one Autoresponder service that includes all the components you need, in five easy steps.

This will be the longest of our four-guide series… but don’t worry: It will be worth it.  This guide is packed with step-by-step screen shots, as well as tips it really helps to know in advance, when setting up an Autoresponder list for the first time.

What Exactly is an Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder allows you to send pre-automated emails to a list of subscribers.

It adds personalized interactivity to your website or blog.

Think of it as the difference between sticking flyers on a thousand cars in a parking lot and hoping someone will come to your party… or inviting your best friends personally.

Sending personalized “invitations” means only those people who know you and like you will accept your invitation.


It works like this:


  1. You place a sign-up box on your sales page, squeeze page, website or blog
  2. You drive people to that sign-up box via blog posts, social marketing, search engine optimization, advertising or other forms of networking
  3. Interested readers voluntarily sign up via this box and give you their contact details
  4. You send them regular emails, either giving valuable information or inviting them to view your offers


That’s your subscriber “list”, that all-important factor between eternally preparing to make money online — and actually, finally doing it.

Why an Autoresponder is Important for an Online Business


In the real world (the business world) using an Autoresponder means you’ll have:

  • A roster of subscribers who have pre-screened and pre-qualified themselves as ideal prospects for your business offers
  • A ready-made customer base, any time you’re ready to present an offer
  • Potential affiliates to sell your product (which they’re delighted with)


You also need only subscribers who have voluntarily given you permission to email them because of the Can-Spam act, which actively forbids unsolicited mailings.  Ignore the Can-Spam act, and you are likely to find your site down after one of your victims lodges a complaint with your internet service provider.


How to Prevent Autoresponder Anxiety


When it comes time to set up this list, many new marketers suffer unnecessarily from Autoresponder anxiety.

One of the best ways to overcome this?  Choose a user-friendly Autoresponder service that walks you through their process step by step.  Making it easy for you to build your list quickly and correctly.

The anxiety can be lessened even more, if you have a basic understanding of how this is going to work for you.


There are only three basic components to set up initially:

  • A Sign-up list
  • A Confirmation email, asking those who sign up to click a link to confirm they deliberately chose to sign up (Aweber provides a default one you can customize)
  • A Welcome email, thanking your subscriber for joining and telling them when to expect more content from you (pre-write your welcome email and copy-paste) or where to download your freebie

Simple, isn’t it?


(You’ll also need a Web Form for sign-up, but we’ll take care of that in Guide # 2.)


Your Autoresponder will also automate essential elements, such as Unsubscribe details and an Unsubscribe link, which will be automatically inserted in all your emails.


After that, you’ll want to regularly send a mix of:


  • Broadcast emails
  • Follow-up emails


A Broadcast email is a general email you send to your entire list at the same time — for example, your monthly email Newsletter — on a specific, fixed date.  Or an announcement of a special offer.  It stands alone.


A Follow-up email (or a series of Follow-up emails, such as a short email course) is sent to new subscribers individually, at set intervals after sign up.  These are sequential.

Mailing List Auto-responder Mastery Builds Business Loyal Customers

Choosing which type of email to insert into your list content is as simple as clicking a tab and choosing your message type:


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