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Optimize Your WordPress Website Yoast SEO

Optimize Your WordPress Website Yoast SEO

Optimize Your WordPress Website Yoast SEO Here’s the Team!

 Optimize Your WordPress Website Yoast SEO

SEO gives me a big headache.

Talking about it reminds me of conversations with my old insurance man, or a Tax Inspector. The conversation is full of words and phrases like amortization, straight-line depreciation, capital assets,   algorithms, and similar secret code to baffle mere mortals.

To be honest it’s all double Dutch to me.

The tone is over-serious, packed with jargon, and somehow my simple brain can’t take it all in.

However, when it comes to SEO I do know these two things.

A:     Good SEO gets your site noticed and ranked by the essential search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

B:    The search engines then send you a stream of visitors. Who are turned into subscribers, and paying customers.

Without good SEO, you are dead before you begin. You build a beautiful  shop, right in the middle of the desert.

Lots of us have created an information product and made an attractive website.  We are highly satisfied with result, and supercharge with enthusiasm.

Then no one comes to see our masterpiece.

The result is disappointment, the feeling that it’s all been a waste of time, money down the drain, and somehow that the people who do make cash, are in league with the Devil! They belong to some secret fraternity, and they hold back the real secrets from you and me.

Well, here is the real secret.

Your website has to answer the question put into Google by the “searcher”.

He or she will use a simple phrase, like “How to build a chicken shed”, rather than “How to construct nocturnal accommodation for Gallus gallus domesticus.”

If you provide a quality answer for that simple question, then Google will put you on the first page of that big list of suggestions it always churns out. Ideally, you need to be right at the top to get the most traffic. If that sounds impersonal, just substitute visitors for traffic.

When you put the right stuff that people need to know exactly where Google looks for it, you win.

Google regularly publishes a guide to all the bits and bobs that it considers most important. A few weeks later, it revises everything.  If you want to invest 6 months, you can get to grips the finer points.

What do they want from my silly little website?

Your job is to provide the best content experience for the person searching. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Like me, you might have wrestled with SEO, because you know you should. We’ve all downloaded plugins, read manuals, had conversations with geeks, listened to webinars, and bought bright shiny SEO products.

Once you’ve installed them, the plugins have created a maze of options and boxes on the editor section of the home page.  Did you look at them and sink even deeper into confusion.

A few weeks ago, I discovered a free gizmo from a Dutchman with the first name Joost. No, it doesn’t rhyme with boost.  It rhymes with toast!

To avoid confusion he’s called his clever baby YOAST. (I mentioned double Dutch earlier!)

He’s just made the whole SEO trial a whole lot easier.

Here’s how to Optimize Your WordPress Website With Yoast SEO

You install the plugin, then you go straight to the page you want checked. On the right- hand side is a little button that says “check”, and beside that is a little traffic light bulb. It will probably be grey.

Click “check” and the little light changes colour. You could get a red, amber, or green.

I’ve no need to explain what they mean.

If you get a red light, the page zooms to a column of faults. Displayed right in front of you is the exact cause. For example, “you have not selected a keyword for this page.”  When you fill in…”How to build a chicken shed” the green light goes on.  Bingo, there are about 15 things to get right. You just proceed steadfastly through them, one at a time.

The software tells you immediately if you got it right or wrong. How simple is that?

You get a real thrill as you see the column of red lights turn to amber, then green.  The plugin responds to all of your revisions and makes suggestions on how you can fine tune things even further.

From knowing nothing, I’ve found that following YOAST’s lead, my lowly sites are now climbing the ladder. Some sit at page one.

As I confessed in the beginning, I’m a real duffer when I try other SEO methods, but not with YOAST.

Of course, I’m now working my way through my whole batch of websites.

Once you get to grips with getting your green lights glowing, you can explore the deeper functions to jet propel your website even further.

I’m always amazed at WordPress and the galaxy of free resources, YOAST is another shining star.

Go ahead Optimize Your WordPress Website Yoast SEO Gives You The Green Light!



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