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A Website Building System With NO FTP’ing, NO HTML, NO Writing Involved?…

A website building system with NO FTP’ing, NO HTML, NO writing involved?…

We all need to use software at some point in our

lives to be able to perform complicated tasks

with relative ease.


Computer’s need an operating system, graphic

designers need Photoshop, writers need Microsoft

Word, for online browsing you need FireFox etc.


The same is true in the world of internet

marketing. New software sprouts up every day to

make tedious and complicated tasks easy. Some do

the job well, whilst some others still need



There are lead generators that go out and collect

emails for you. There are link builders that

generate back links for you. There are article

submitters that give your site more exposure.


But if you’re a beginner, NONE of these tools

will be any good to you because you won’t know

how to use them or get the most out of them.


However there is a new piece of online-based

software on the market which allows beginners to

select, edit and upload their own affiliate

website within a matter of minutes.


No need to research a market

No need to pick affiliate products

No need to design your own website

No need to write any sales copy

No need to for an FTP uploader

No need to edit complicated HTML


And so much more…


They’ve really thought of everything… even video

training so you know how to get traffic to your



Not all of us were born with the gift of

programming or creating beautiful mini-sites nor

do we all have the time of day to learn all these

picky details which is why Instant Site Uploader

was created – for smart guys like us


Make no mistake about it, you need a nice site

these days – not a newbie-looking site that no

one would want to visit. Instant Site Uploader

gives puts everything into one system to make

your life easier so you can focus on promoting

and making money.


See below what I mean here:








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