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Want 2014 To Be Your Best Year Ever?

2012 Your Best Year Ever?

2012 Your Best Year Ever? Gavin Says Make Sure 2013 Is


Want 2014 To Be Your Best Year Ever? Time To Plan And Change  The Rest Of 2014

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2014 Your Best Year Ever?

We’re just a few months past the closing moments of 2013, and how have the last 12 months been for you?

Let’s go back to the very start of last year.

Full of good intention, you probably set your heart on fixing some of 2013′s problems by deciding on a different pattern of behavior last year.

Is the journey from 2012 to 2013, and then 2014 going to be just the same?

Of course you recognize your own hang-ups, and at least one day of every year you and I intend to deal with them. How much time has slipped by, and what action did you take?

At the end of the year will you once again be writing down the same New Years Resolutions?

I bet trying to earn a bit more money was among last year’s promises to yourself. The 1st of January this year seems quite close now.

So how did you do since then? If you achieved all you set out to, well done!

If not, please get a blank sheet of paper…and let’s start again.

Here are a few tips for finally getting what you really desire.

It’s never too late to start. Just start!

  • Your personal challenge could be to stop smoking, lose a few pounds of weight, go to the gym more often, or break free from that tyrannical employer or tedious job. (Maybe he or she has already made that choice for you?) You are of course not alone. We all know exactly what we need to do, but all too often we lose sight of our personal promise to take action. Will this be the year that you and finally succeed? Here are 10 tips to help you start that home business. You can finally work for a great Boss, YOU.
  • Focus. This means knowing what you want from your life, and keeping it clearly in your mind. Spend some time right now with that blank sheet of paper. Write down in graphic detail exactly how your life should be. You have the right to be happy. Do not concentrate on money here.
  • Keep your dreams where you can see them at the important times of the day. Turn your goals into pictures. Make a collage of photographs by pinning them onto a board, or use images as a computer screensaver. It’s up to you. But, you must put them where you can see them first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The most important thing is to revisit your future vision pictures every day. Dr Wayne Dyer says, “You’ll see it when you believe it.” He’s right.
  • Take that first step. Reach your goal by moving towards it. The whole journey can be daunting, but small steps in the right direction will get you there. The Law Of Attraction works, but you have to take action. If you eally want a new car, clear out the garage and create a space where you can actually park it.
  • Find a hero to follow. We all need a mentor, and nowadays that does not mean we have to meet them. The easy route to success is to emulate the pattern of an already successful person. You will find that the most basic and most powerful resource is attitude. It is the key to building your perfect future. adopt the attitude of a great motivator like Tony Robbins.
  • Exercise your mind. Like any other muscle, your brain gets slack and lazy through lack of use. Make up your mind to master a new skill. It could be through formal training, or self-teaching. Your computer offers thousands of opportunities to become more than you are. Set out to become at expert at something. The mental reward from doing this will lift you. Then plan to pass on your skills.
  • Pay attention to yourself. Make a mental note of how you conduct yourself. Are you an achiever or an avoider? Do a few forgotten mistakes of the past still rule your actions today? Be bold and shake off ingrained habits. Make today a brand new start. Forgive yourself once and for all for mistake of the past.
  • Give some of your time to helping others. This may just be fund raising or working in a charity shop, perhaps by visiting an elderly person in your community? Your investment in time will return to you in other ways. Give some of your income too.
  • Find a new way to make something easier. The simple formula for creating great products or services is to provide convenient solutions to everyday problems. Making a simple video course, showing how to do something step by step, is often all it takes. There are always people at that beginner stage who want to move forward. Show them how to do it.
  • Remember that the customer is King (or Queen) Put yourself in the place of your most critical customer. What do they really want from you, or from your business or service? How can you serve the principle of providing the greatest value? Always over-deliver!
  • Get started by Googling a list of the previous most popular New Years’ resolutions. Each one is an opportunity for someone to make a fortune. That person could easily be you? The most common problems always fall into the realms of Money, Motivation, Health, and Emotion.
  • As time goes by, your intentions will fade. Use affirmations to build and refresh your new positive attitude. It takes 30 days to change your previous behaviour. Unless your resolve is regenerated regularly, you will take the easiest course of action. (That’s human nature!)
  • Stay away from Vampires! They are the people who don’t want you to change or succeed. They will suck the ambition out of you. Mix with positive, successful people who also have dreams. Help them to realize theirs.

We may focus on the solution to our own problems just once a year, but the people with the magic wand and solutions to help us achieve our desired result will make a fortune.

2014  Your Best Year Ever? If you made that promise last year, 2014 is here. Start NOW

Good luck.


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About the author: Gavin McCoy is an award winning UK based Broadcasting and Marketing Consultant.

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